Premium bolting technology

Founded by Paul-Heinz Wagner in 1962, Maschinenfabrik Wagner GmbH & Co. KG and their brand Plarad stands for quality, innovation and reliability in the bolting technology sector for 50 years now.

Offering eight different product lines, from manual torque multipliers to fully automatic bolting systems, Maschinenfabrik Wagner provides the widest range of products available on the market today. You benefit from devices that are perfectly coordinated with each other and obtain all the products you need to satisfy your requirements from a single source.

Since April of 2019, Managing Director Dr. Marcus Stuhlert (photo on the right) has continued to pursue the strategy the company applied with great success in the past. The know-how of approx. 150 employees will continue to lay the groundwork for our objective to exceed customer expectations, live up to the standard of a premium brand and develop the product and service innovations of tomorrow.

Demonstration am Schraubfall
Managing director Dr. Marcus Stuhlert

Managing director Dr. Marcus Stuhlert

Comprehensive expertise

Everything under one roof: Development, construction, assembly, maintenance and repair, calibration, training, analysis and consulting. Plarad unites all these skills under one roof and, in doing so, is unique in the world of bolting technology.

Plarad is a genuine manufacturer brand and attaches great importance to extensive, global customer proximity.